Tremor Examples

This exhibit shows two examples of tremor in writing. Document analysis often requires the forensic document examiner to look beyond the page and explore medical records.

The top example was written by a man who was on medication. One of the side effects of the medication was tremor. This is an example where the signature analyst must investigate the potential causes of anomalies in the writing. The example is from a case where a family member wanted to contest a will believing that person who signed it was not a decedent. The person believe someone was falsifying medical records in order to change a will. In this instance scientific examination of questioned documents revealed the decedent probably did sign medical record.

The bottom example was a forensic analysis to determine whether this was a forged signature. The elderly woman believed a relative was taking her checkbook and writing checks in order to steal money from her. The signature analysis required obtaining contemporaneous signatures of the woman for the forensic document examiner to compare against the questioned document. In this instance the person who wrote the signature severely exaggerated the tremor in the known signatures.