Document Examination Testimonials From Clients

“I have retained Mike as an expert and been fortunate to witness his examination of a will at the courthouse. He is the consummate professional, who is diligent, methodical, and able to articulate the steps and the science. He uses the most advanced equipment including a video spectral comparator, and you can clearly see any inconsistencies in documents. Most importantly, I trust him to provide me an honest evaluation of documents. In a field that is unfortunately littered with pseudoscience, he is the real deal and can thoughtfully describe the actual science supporting his work.
David A. Shapiro, Law Offices of David A. Shapiro, P.C.

“Mr. Wakshull’s forensic document analysis was of critical importance in persuading the prosecutor that the purported signature of my client on a key document was not his signature. The case was dismissed before trial! His report was clear, very thorough and objective. He was always readily available to me via phone, email or video conference. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Wakshull to other attorneys, and I will certainly seek to use his expertise on future cases.”
Drew Havens, Los Angeles County Public Defender

“I highly recommend Mr. Wakshull to any lawyer needing an expert that not only cares about the case, but also loves his craft. The art of document examination requires attention to the details, knowing the right technology, and having the analytical skills to make a finding. Mr. Wakshull is not a hired gun. His client is the truth and he will seek the truth and he will present it to you, whether you like it or not. He is highly knowledgeable in his field and continues to strive to learn more. He will be an asset to anyone with the truth on their side.”
Khodadad “Ko” D. Sharif, Esq., Sharif | Faust Lawyers, San Diego, CA

“The deed to my client’s home was forged. I had to prove in court that his wife – soon to be his ex-wife – had forged his signature on the deed transferring the home to her on his death (which she planned would come soon). Not just his signature – but the whole deed itself – was a forgery. She had taken another deed and lifted the legal description off it and replaced it with the legal description from another property. Luckily I found Mike Wakshull, handwriting expert and forensic document examiner, in time to prepare for trial. Mike’s detailed approach proved to the court the deed filed with the LA County recorder was altered. His thinking to scan both sides of the document at very high resolution revealed the method by which the deed was altered. As a result of Mike’s understandable testimony at trial and detailed report with demonstrative exhibits, the Court returned the property interest to my client. It was a tough case and without him I am sure we would have lost the property. I highly recommend him to anyone who is faced with a questionable document!”
BuffyLyn Roney, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“I had the pleasure of working in-depth with Mr. Wakshull in a hotly contested forgery/fraud trial earlier this year, 2016, and highly recommend Mike to any lawyers needing an expert document examiner. Mike breaks things down to the fundamentals, and provides a clear presentation the jury easily understands. Besides being knowledgeable, Mike was very cooperative in working with the stressful schedule during trial, and made himself available evenings and weekends when necessary to get the job done. As you might expect, we obtained a successful verdict, including a finding of fraud, much due to the expert testimony of Mr. Wakshull.”
Sean Simpson, Attorney,CASD, CAOC, AAJ,Specializing in Fraud and Truck Crash Trials, San Diego, CA

Mr. Wakshull communicated our theory of the case to the jury with both humor and wit. We are very much indebted to him as an expert for his services as a Forensic Document Examiner. Mr. Wakshull’s testimony played a critical role in our successful litigation of the matter. San Diego Superior Court, February 2016.”
Thomas Gallegher, Attorney, San Diego, CA

Mr. Wakshull’s approach to document examination sets a high standard, by combining knowledge with judgment and integrity. His written work product is thorough and transparent, and his in-court testimony is credible, convincing, and surprisingly lively. He was also easy to work with, and very educational – a good fit for counsel who are curious and ask questions. It is easy to see why the results of his investigations have proven conclusive in so many cases. I give him my unreserved recommendation.”
Matthew Kanin, Beverley Hills, CA

“I highly recommend Mike since I believe he has wisdom to handle his cases in a professional manner, and most of all, he is a very reliable person to be counted on for timely, sensitive deadline dates.”
Jean Kwon, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“I have worked with a number of questioned document examiners over the years and found Mike’s services to be ‘top flight.’   He is very thorough, detailed and is easy to work with.”
Tom Dominick, Attorney, San Bernardino, CA

Mike Wakshull makes it clear from the start that he is honest: ‘Don’t tell me what you are trying to argue about the evidence.’ That’s why we hired him.  He independently assesses the evidence and doesn’t tell you ‘what you want to hear’—but instead what the evidence proves.  In the end, confronted with his report and methodology, our opponent had no choice but to settle.”
Jason Archinaco, Attorney, Pittsburgh, PA

Mr. Wakshull’s experience and expertise are exceptional. His document examination skills were crucial to the successful resolution of my client’s lawsuit.”
Kimball A. Forbes, Attorney, St. George, UT

“In a hotly-contested legal matter, we retained Mr. Wakshull to not only examined the questioned document, but to also offer cogent criticism as to the opposing expert. Mr. Wakshull delivered on both counts with skill and professionalism.”
Nicholas Cameron, Attorney, Santa Ana, CA

“I have used Mike Wakshull on several matters involving challenges to the authenticity of documents – in each matter Mr. Wakshull’s work-up and communications with me enabled me to obtain significantly better results on behalf of each client than prior to Mr. Wakshull’s engagement”
Kevin Gerry, Attorney, Beverly Hills, CA

“I was fortunate some time ago to have used the services of Forensic Document Examiner Mike Wakshull in defending a criminal case. Mr. Wakshull was diligent and careful in his work, and was always available for telephone conferences relative to the case and the issues presented. I would not hesitate to use his services again.”
Paul Horgan, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“Mike was able to meet my expedited deadline and provided a well-drafted, scientific based analysis on a set of aged and complex documents, which involved many areas of comparison.   His follow-up and assistance in explaining how best to use the report was likewise first rate.  I recommend him without reservation when you require a highly talented expert and professional.”
L. Matthews, Attorney, Dacheng Law Offices, LLP,  Los Angeles, CA

“We contacted Mr. Wakshull for expert testimony  regarding the use of digital/electronic signatures.  He was able, with very short notice, to give us the expert opinion we needed to provide the court an understanding of the issues.”
Matthew M. Kremer, Attorney, CFLS, San Diego, CA

Mr. Wakshull did an excellent job for me in an alleged fraudulent documents case – so good, in fact, that opposing counsel decided not to pursue the case.”
Elaine Reagan, Attorney, CA

“I hired Mike Wakshull in 2013 for the purpose of helping me either authenticate or ascertain forgery with respect to some documents that were allegedly produced in South Africa.  Mr. Wakshull and I reviewed the documents together, and he then fully explained what was possible and what was impossible with respect to ascertaining the genuiness of documents when the only materials one has to work with are photocopies.  He was both professional and highly ethical and returned most of the retainer to me after we agreed that he had done as much as any expert similarly trained and similarly experienced could do.   I would not hesitate to use him again should the opportunity ever present itself.”
Les, Attorney, Encino, CA

“I consulted with Mike on a matter that needed immediate attention. I was pleased that he was able to assess our case promptly and then explain his analysis in a way we could easily communicate to others. I would definitely recommend Mike.”
Patricia Hollenbeck, Attorney, San Diego, CA

I was pleased with the entire process and reasonable fee.”
Nguyet Tran, Attorney, Murrieta, CA

“From the beginning to end, it is a pleasure to work with Mike as a forensic document examiner.  He is easy to work with, knowledgeable, detail oriented, and replies promptly.  Mike has the ability to communicate his opinions and the basis for them in a simple easily understood fashion that lay persons can appreciate. His opinions gave us the confidence to take a hard line in settlement negotiations-which ultimately paid off well for our client.
Mark Romano, Attorney, Plymouth, MI

“I retained Mike as a document examiner to determine whether my clients signed a document for an automobile purchase. Mike’s detailed report including several demonstrative exhibits showed my clients did not sign the contract. After Mike went to opposing counsel’s office to examine the original documents, opposing counsel called to settle the case. During his analysis Mike found other documents allegedly signed by my clients that were possibly forged.”
Josh Anaya, Attorney, San Diego, CA

“Mike has assisted in a recent case in which I was council. Mike performed a document examination in order to determine the authenticity of several signatures on proofs of service and a financial agreement. Mike demonstrated diligence in discovery of all aspects of the case. His approach is unbiased, seeking to learn the truth that is shown by the evidence.”
Attorney, Murrieta, CA

“When I consult with an expert, I want him to tell it to me straight. If the handwriting is not my client’s or inconclusive, I want to know that. Mike did this with me. Thus, I would use him again or recommend him to others.”
Attorney, San Diego, CA

“Mr. Wakshull is extremely professional and thorough. It has been my pleasure to use Mr. Wakshull in two will contests in which he was able to demonstrate that the document’s signatures were forged. Our firm expects to utilize his services again in the near future.”
Lee Madinger, Attorney, San Bernardino, CA

“Mike is extremely knowledgeable in his field. In my 25 + years of law enforcement experience it is rare to come by an instructor who delivers even the most complex information at such an understandable level. His instruction like his book is broken down in such a way that even the most untech savvy person can come away from his training feeling like an expert. On a side note he was used as an expert by my department and the results were priceless.”
P.M. Riverside County, CA

Mike was very professional and provided the proper legal documents to prove my case. He was upfront with his pricing as well as time estimates and delivered in both. Mike was available to answer phone calls and answered all of my questions. He also provided me with details of the process and how they would be applied in the analysis.”
Kyle O., Temecula, CA

“Mike Wakshull was an expert for us in an interesting case in which falsified documents were uploaded to a court website. Mike’s work was key in helping us to settle the case. He is personable, thorough, and passionate about his work. I would recommend Mr. Wakshull for any case in which an expert in this field is required.”
Joe DeClue, Attorney, Santa Ana, CA