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The downloadable documents are:

Can-Forensic-Experts-Overcome-Their-Biases? – A short paper with journal citations examining potential biases experienced by forensic experts and means of recognizing and overcoming these potential biases.

Using Control Charts to Assist With Writer Identification – A presentation delivered to the World Congress of Forensics in Congqing, China

The Importance of Experts Following an Accepted Methodology – A short paper describing the requirements of Federal Rules of Evidence 702 and the Frye rules used by many states including California

Legal Nurses Courtroom Bias – A presentation about courtroom bias delivered to the Legal Nurse Consultants in San Diego. A portion of this presentation is available on YouTube

Micro-anomaly research – A research paper describing how micro-anomalies that are repeated in a person’s writing can assist with writer identification. The paper includes many journal citations.

FEWA Courtroom Bias PDF presentation on courtroom bias delivered on March 11, 2015 via a webinar