An Introduction to Forensic Document Examination (5 hours MCLE credits)

An Introduction to Forensic Document Examination provides the attendee with basic information about forensic document examination. Terminology used by forensic document examiners is defined. Reasons for not using terms such as forgery and fraud are explained. Forensic Document Examination is also known as Questioned Document Examination.

An overview of laboratory equipment used by document examiners is presented. Modern generally accepted practices, scientific approach and use of a computer and digital equipment are described.

A summary of questions to ask and experience to expect when interviewing a document examiner is offered.

After the seminar the attendee will:

  • Know the basis for opinions offered by forensic document examiners
  • Know questions to ask a prospective document examiner in an interview
  • Learn techniques employed in forensic document examination
  • Learn techniques used in signature examination
  • Learn to apply the scientific method to questioned document examination

See feedback from attendees.

This 5-hour interactive seminar presents many aspects of forensic document examination.

Topics covered are:

  • How to partner with your questioned document examiner
  • Handwriting identification techniques
  • The effects of bias on forensic examiners’ opinions
  • Altered documents such as deeds and medical records
  • Computer generated documents
  • Digitally created documents
  • Examining signatures written on digital tablets
  • What are the standards applicable to forensic document examiners?
  • When are various tools used to examine questioned documents?
  • What are generally accepted methods of examining questioned documents?
  • What is the basis of handwriting comparison?
  • What is the difference among simulated writing, altered documents, disguised writing?
  • Why must the document examiner be able to distinguish computer generated documents?
  • The future of forensic document examination


Hands-on workshops offer the attendees an opportunity to solve cases. Computer demonstrations show the importance of software tools to examine documents and handwriting.

An introduction to Forensic Document Examination

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