Forensic Video Presentations

The video presentations in this section of the web site offer an insight to the procedures used by forensic document examiners when they forensically authenticate documents. The forensic video presentations also describe the potential problems you may encounter if you hire the wrong document examiner. Examples of problems my be related to:

  • The forensic document examiner does not have the skills to perform the work
  • The forensic document examiner may be consciously or unconsciously biased regarding the final opinion of the authenticity of the document
  • The document examiner may have baggage that they are not telling you about
  • The forensic document examiner may not own the tools needed to perform the work
  • The forensic document examiner may misinterpret the scope of work
  • The evidence presented to the forensic document examiner may not be sufficient in quantity and/or quality to complete the examination

Each of the forensic video presentations was delivered to a seminar of forensic experts or attorney groups. These groups include the San Diego Law Library, Forensic Expert Witness Association, California Association of Handwriting Examiners, and others.

The intent of the videos is to assist attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals when they must retain a forensic document examiner. After watching the the forensic video presentations, you will have a better idea of questions to ask a prospective forensic document examiner. You will also be prepared to cross examine an examiner on the opposing side and ask the right questions in deposition. Asking the right questions can assist in winning your case or causing the opposing side to settle.

You will also learn to know when your forensic document examiner has prepared a strong report to support their opinion. You will recognize holes in the other examiner’s report.

The topics of the forensic video presentations are: