Have you experienced auto dealer fraud?

When you purchased your car were you sure the contracts you signed were for the price and products you agreed to buy? Were additional disclaimers, warranties, or other items added to the agreement? Perhaps these were added after you signed the agreement and there is a signature allegedly yours added to the contract items. You may need to see an attorney to determine whether this is auto dealer fraud.

This is where a skilled questioned document examiner can assist your attorney. Q9 Consulting has worked on more than ten cases in which the attorney’s client alleged they did not sign the questioned document in an automobile purchase. In most cases the allegation has been substantiated auto dealer fraud, pharmacy leading to the auto dealer offering a settlement. In one case the auto dealer offered to pay punitive damages rather than proceed to trial.

Signature analysis

The signature analysis is enhanced because the valid signatures on the contract are used for comparison. Mike Wakshull of Q9 Consulting is generally able to extract the signatures from the contract in order to compare them with the questioned signature without the background “noise.” This background noise is the printed text on the page and extraneous marks that may interfere with signature analysis of the real signatures.

When you select a questioned document examiner to assist with a potential auto dealer fraud case, it is helpful to ask the document examiner whether they know how to extract signatures from the yellow contract form. This form is your copy. Typically the auto dealer keeps the white copy for their records. Adobe Photoshop is an excellent tool used by questioned document examiners to extract and compare signatures form documents.

See an attorney who specializes in auto dealer fraud cases before contacting a forensic document examiner. Your attorney will know whether a document examiner is the right expert witness for your case.

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