Feedback from Course Attendees


Attendee’s name Location Attendee’s comment
David Great speaker, great visual aids.
James Dallas, TX Great course. did not know that this type of assistance was available.
Jacqueline I really appreciated the presenter’s taking questions from those in the live audience. That was very helpful. While this is not a suggestion, it is a complement and recommendation that this practice be continued. It is very helpful for the on line audience
Eva-Maria Very interesting!
Kristi Very interesting. He did a great job making what could have been very boring — very interesting.
Michael Washington, DC Really interesting presentation and topic, well done.
Tonya Princeton, TX This class was very interesting….I didn’t think it would be. From robo signing to the Ramsey case…very interesting.
John Houston, TX He was the most pleasant and easy to follow of all.
Jerry Another excellent presentation.
Lisa Very interesting, engaging speaker.
Katherine Great instructor!
Gina The real world examples and stories made this class interesting. I also enjoyed the fact that he encouraged the audience to ask questions and participate.
Tina High goals were set and met. The specificity of the goals and how they were met is especially admirable.
Jay Very well done.
Matthew Very interesting.
Frank The forensic examiner for questioned documents was clear and articulate—did a great job.
Brenda No suggestions. Loved this class and the material. Thanks.
Russell The instructor was very clear in explaining the material.
Russell I definitely learned something new. I have used document experts before in the 1990’s, but the topic has become more complicated with the use of computers.
William Folsom, CA This was excellent; engaging, interesting and I have some background in the subject.
William Folsom, CA What was interesting was the presenter provided exhibits, rather than simply talking. Good job.
Russell Campinas, CA Very eloquent and informative speaker.
Kelly This MCLE rocked. Fascinating.
Lori Good course! Interesting.
Shannon It was great. Loved the professor.
Lisa Los Angeles, CA Actually exceeded my expectations!
Brian Good course!
Peter Excellent presentation.
Robert As an introduction to the topic, the program was very good.
John Best so far.
Kevin Roseville, CA This was an excellent course.
Ben San Diego, CA Great one! Very interesting and pertinent to my practice.
Caelo Interesting and insightful. Good speaker too.
Kelley This course was actually pretty interesting!! I liked the presentation and the live nature of it, as well as the exhibits we could view.
Linda Very interesting; learned a lot about faking signatures & documents.
Debby Enjoyed the content. It was interesting.