Feedback from Course Attendees


Attendee’s name Location Attendee’s Comment
Laura Very cool topic. Also liked the audience participation.
Kim Great program with excellent content!
Savannah Great speaker
Susan I learned a lot about an area where I had little knowledge. Speaker was VERY engaging.
Ken Cary, IL Very well done program. I learned a lot and it is something that has direct applicability.
Michael Good program. Great speaker.
Lori This was very interesting and informative. Thank you.
Patricia Interesting area and helpful in a many matters experienced myself.
Yuanyuan Very interesting topic and material.
Raymond Torrance, CA Very interesting. The speaker was very knowledgeable about the subject matter.
Jonathan Good job by the presenter. I like how he took questions from his attendees at the time.
Frank Good presentation.
Samuel This was an extremely helpful course. I wouldn’t have selected it normally but it was presented so clearly and professionally, I believe it will be a great use.
Jacqueline Speaker was very interactive and incorporated written materials into presentation which was very helpful.
Adrienne Good course!
Lisa Very interesting.
Mary Jo Interesting and good.
Sharon This was a very interesting and informative video. I enjoyed the part about hand-writing verification in particular. The use of visual examples was good. I wouldn’t change much on this one.
Frederick speaker was top notch.
Timothy I had to prove a holographic will and sought out an expert to testify about the decedent’s writing and signature. Expert was allowed to testify. Court found the Will was valid and admitted it. i got lucky. Wish I had this material back then.
Robert Excellent program. The Q & A s were important and kept your attention. Great variations among forensic doc. examiners.